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Mexican Skillet

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Mexican Skillet


2 cups cooked chicken

Garlic Cloves or Powder (I don’t measure)

1/3 cup onion

1/3 cup green peppers

1 - 10-12oz riced cauliflower

1 can Rotel tomatoes

3/4 cup chicken broth

2 table spoons homemade taco seasoning

1 tbsp grassfed butter

1 1/2 cheddar cheese (shred from brick)

1/2 Monterrey jack cheese (shred from brick)


  1. In a cast iron skillet, melt butter then saute onion, pepper, and garlic until softened.

  2. Steam riced cauliflower in microwave according to package directions.

  3. Add homemade taco seasoning, Rotel, chicken broth, and cauliflower to skillet.

  4. Stir to combine then cook on medium/low approx 10 minutes until extra liquid is absorbed.

  5. Add cooked chicken and stir well. If mixture gets too thick, add a little more chicken broth.

  6. Simmer on low covered for 5 minutes.

  7. Sprinkle cheese on top, cover and simmer until cheese is melted.

  8. I add sour cream and jalapeños on top when serving.

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